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Vote For Liz

General Information

When Is The Primary Election?

The primary election is on August 16.

Where Do I Vote?

Enter your address in the Wyoming Secretary of State’s Polling Place Locator, found on their website or contact your county clerk’s office.

What Do I Need To Bring With Me To Vote?

Wyoming requires a person to show an acceptable form of ID when voting in person. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • WY Driver’s License or ID Card
  • Tribal ID Card
  • US Passport
  • US Military Card
  • DL or ID Card from Another State
  • University of Wyoming Student ID
  • Wyoming Community College Student ID

Register To Vote

How Do I Vote For Liz As A First Time Voter?

An individual must first qualify to register to vote. Qualifications for a Wyoming voter include:

● 18 years of age or older on Election Day

● United States Citizen

● Resident of Wyoming and the precinct in which you register

● Withdrawn voter registration from other jurisdiction, if applicable

● Present a valid Wyoming Driver License if you have one and if not, provide the last four digits of your Social Security Number. If you have neither, please indicate this on the Voter Registration Application form.

● Not declared to be mentally incompetent by a court

● Not convicted of a felony (unless you were pardoned or have had your rights restored)

If you are a resident of Wyoming, you will not be automatically registered to vote. You may register by submitting the Wyoming Voter Registration Form to your County Clerk in the following ways:

1. Register in person;

2. Register by mail; or

3. Register at the polls on Election Day.

How Do I Register To Vote For Liz?

  • You may register in person at the county clerk or town clerk’s office.
  • You may register by mail. Send your completed and notarized voter registration application to your county clerk. When mailing your form, be sure to attach photocopies of your identification document(s). Click here to obtain the registration form.
  • You may register at your polling place on Election Day. Please bring documents that prove your eligibility to register and vote. The deadline for voter registration is 14 days before an election. However, you may register and vote at the same time — during the absentee voting period or on Election Day

How Can I Find My County Clerk?

There are 23 county clerks who are the chief election officers for their counties. Feel free to contact your county clerk if you have specific questions about your voter registration, polling place, or voting. Click here to obtain the roster of county clerks.

Do I Have To Be Registered As A Republican To Vote For Liz In The Republican Primary?

Yes. Wyoming law allows voters to change their party affiliation at the polling place on election day, or you can change your party affiliation in advance.

How Do I Vote For Liz If I’m In The Military Or An Overseas Citizen?

UOCAVA covers: U.S. Citizens, 18 years of age or older who are active duty members of the Armed Forces, Merchant Marine, Public Health Service, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Commissioned Corps; Eligible family members (U.S. citizens, 18 years or older) of military personnel; and U.S. Citizens residing outside the United States.

In Wyoming, any qualified elector may apply for an absentee ballot at any time during a calendar year in which the election is held, except for on Election Day. When requesting your ballot, please allow for enough processing and mail delivery time. Wyoming statutes state that absentee ballots received after the day of the election will not be counted.

A voter may request an absentee ballot by contacting the County Clerk by phone, email, fax or mail. However, if you choose to use a form, this Absentee Ballot Request Form may be completed and emailed to the county clerk of the appropriate county.

When requesting a ballot, please include the following information:

● Your full legal name;

● Your date of birth or social security number; 

● Your Wyoming residential address; and

● Your mailing or email address.

How Do I Change My Party Affiliation To Register As A Republican So I Can Vote For Liz?

To change your party affiliation or to declare a new affiliation, complete the Wyoming Voter Registration Application & Change Form and submit it to your county clerk’s office not later than 14 days before the primary election. You may also change your party affiliation at your polling place on the day of the primary or general election, or when requesting an absentee ballot.

How Can I Get An Absentee Ballot And When Does It Need To Be Returned? 

  • Registered voters may request an absentee ballot from your county clerk at any time during an election year, but not on the day of the election. To request an absentee ballot, call or write your county clerk. You do not have to give a reason for requesting an absentee ballot.
  • Absentee voting begins 40 days prior the election (45 days for military or overseas voters) and ends the day before the election. Any registered voter can obtain their absentee ballot as early as 45 days prior to the election or any day after contacting their county clerk’s office but not on Election Day.
  • If you registered to vote by mail and are voting by absentee ballot in your first federal election, you must enclose a copy of your photo ID or document bearing your name and residence address in the envelope with your voted ballot.
  • Voted absentee ballots must be received in the county clerk’s office by 7 p.m. on election night in order to be counted. Ballots received after this deadline will not be counted.

All information is courtesy of the Wyoming Secretary of State’s office

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