Securing Our Borders

Wyoming has always welcomed those who came to our nation searching for a better life.  The immigrant community has played a critical role in our local communities and that tradition must continue.  Unfortunately, the crisis at our southern border is heartbreaking and unacceptable.  Criminal elements are exploiting our laws, flouting our law enforcement personnel, and flooding communities with drugs and violence.  All while millions of hard-working immigrants are mired in a bureaucratic and unworkable immigration system.

Liz has and continues to support a physical barrier on our southern border, robust funding for our border patrol agents, defunding sanctuary cities, and prosecuting criminal aliens.  We must always be a nation of laws.  We must also recognize the important role that immigrants have played in our communities, which means reducing the backlog and improving our legal immigration system to ensure that those who wish to achieve the American Dream can do so. 


What Liz Has Done:

Opposed the American Dream and Promise Act, which would have provided mass amnesty for criminals and gang members, while doing nothing to secure the border or address the current crisis. This would make the situation worse, as it would encourage people to come to the U.S. illegally.

Supported the national emergency declaration on the southern border and voted to provide funding for humanitarian assistance and security to respond to migrants attempting to enter the United States at the southern border.

Cosponsored legislation that would require NICS to report to ICE whenever an illegal immigrant is denied the purchase of a firearm due to a failed background check.

Supported legislation prohibiting funding for sanctuary cities and a bill to increase the penalties on criminal aliens convicted of illegal reentry. (115th Congress).

Opposed watered-down legislation from my own party that would have exacerbated the problem on the border while empowering illegal aliens to come and take Wyoming jobs. (115th Congress)

Signed onto a letter opposing Biden Administration’s Executive Orders that weakened border security on the southern border.