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Wyoming Tribune Eagle: “Cheney Best GOP House Candidate”

Liz Cheney has proven that she has the deep Wyoming roots, work ethic, and record of experience to get results for Wyoming families, industry and workers. This weekend, the editors of the Wyoming Tribune Eagle agreed when they endorsed her candidacy. They highlighted Liz’s knowledge of the issues that directly impact Wyoming and the qualities that set her apart from the field of nine Republican candidates for Congress. Here are excerpts from their editorial:

“WE BELIEVE: Liz Cheney’s depth of knowledge and experience are what Wyoming needs in Washington right now.”

“When you’re on a ship in the middle of the ocean and the storm hits, what kind of captain do you want at the wheel? Someone brand new to the job, or a seasoned veteran of the high seas who knows when to steer into the waves and when to ride with them? Of course, you want the latter, which is why we believe Liz Cheney is the best Republican candidate this year for Wyoming’s lone seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.”

“And at a time when Wyoming is reeling from low energy prices, being battered by federal overreach and in need of an advocate in the halls of Congress, we need her determination.

Sure, we’d love for the state to be in a place where we could recommend Tim Stubson for the job. But while he really seems to have the state’s best interests at heart, and is knowledgeable on most key issues, we don’t need a freshman representative who will spend the first six months introducing himself around the Capitol and getting to know the D.C. system.”

“Besides, we agree with Ms. Cheney on a whole host of issues, including:
– The need to get federal spending under control.

– The threat to United States national security from terrorists overseas.

– The need for politicians from both parties to stop protecting the insurance industry and start serving customers when it comes to health care.

– The importance of charter schools and the fact that our children should have access to the best education possible.

– The need to simplify the tax system and reduce taxes for most Americans.

– The need to get people off welfare and back to work whenever possible.”

“[An] area where we disagree is education reform. Ms. Cheney believes the federal government needs to get out of education and that federal officials are making test scores worse. But time after time, local control has let Wyoming down. How else to explain why the state’s students, on average, consistently trail others in academic performance? Ms. Cheney calls the Common Core State Standards a ‘disaster.'”

“In a world of less upheaval, we might be willing to take a chance on Mr. Stubson or even Mr. Konsmo. But as things stand today, we believe Liz Cheney is the best Republican candidate for the state’s only seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.”

To read the full editorial from the Wyoming Tribune Eagle, click here.

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