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What Is 9 Plus 6?

By Liz Cheney

15, you say? But not so fast. That solves the problem in one step, which is not the Common Core way. Here’s how Common Core teaches our kids to do it.

Step 1: They “decompose” the number 6 into two numbers, one of which can be added to 9 in order to make 10. 3 plus 3 won’t work, nor will 2 plus 4, but 1 plus 5 will do it.

Step 2: They add the number 1 in the 1 plus 5 equation (that 6 has been decomposed into) to the number 9 to make 10.

Step 3: They take the other number in the pair that 6 has been decomposed into (that is, 5) and substitute it for the 6.

Step 4: They add up the new equation, 10 plus 5, and get 15.

I know this is how our kids are being taught because my kids are in Wyoming schools. Their teachers are great and doing their best to help students and their parents cope with Common Core, but I know that I speak for a lot of my fellow Wyoming parents when I say it’s past time to get rid of the big government interference that has brought us to this point.

As Wyoming’s next representative in the Congress, that’s a job I look forward to taking on.

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