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Tribune Eagle Endorses Cheney for Congress

In case you missed it, today the Wyoming Tribune Eagle endorsed Liz Cheney for the second time in 2016. The Tribune Eagle endorsed Liz in the Republican Primary, now they gave Cheney their nod in the general election. Here are some excerpts:

“To be a trusted representative for Wyoming in Washington, D.C., you need to spend time in the Equality State, traveling from town to town, visiting with residents about issues important to them. According to her campaign staff, our pick for the state’s lone seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, Republican Liz Cheney, has been doing just that, traveling ‘tens of thousands of miles’ across the state and participating in ‘hundreds of campaign events in every corner of the state.’

“Amid criticism that she spends too much time at out-of-state campaign fundraisers, we are heartened by that. We just hope it continues once she is elected to Congress.

“Strictly as a campaign strategy, it makes sense for Ms. Cheney to avoid such events and coast to victory Nov. 8. But, again, we strongly believe she needs to take the time to convince residents that she prioritizes this state’s interests over her own political ambitions.

“Despite these concerns, however, Ms. Cheney remains the candidate with the best chance to have a voice on the national stage from day one, drawing attention to issues that are important back home.

“We agree with Ms. Cheney on a variety of those issues, including:

  • The need to get federal spending under control.
  • The need to simplify the tax system and reduce taxes for most Americans.
  • The need for politicians from both parties to stop protecting the insurance industry and start serving customers when it comes to health care.
  • The importance of charter schools and the fact that our children should have access to the best education possible.
  • The need to get people off welfare and back to work whenever possible.

“At a time when Wyoming is reeling from low energy prices, being battered by federal overreach and in need of an advocate in the halls of Congress, we need her knowledge and determination.

“Wyoming needs a strong representative in Washington, D.C., and we believe Ms. Cheney can be that advocate. We just hope she doesn’t forget the folks who elected her once she gets there.”

To read the full editorial endorsement, click here.

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