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What They’re Saying About Liz Cheney

Since launching her campaign for Congress, Liz Cheney has built an unparalleled grassroots organization of more than 500 county leaders from every county in our great state.  We’ve driven tens of thousands of miles across our beloved state, hosted and participated in hundreds of events and debated our opponents in 17 candidate forums. Given the serious challenges facing our state, voters, organizations and news outlets have consistently praised Liz for her experience, her strong Wyoming roots, and for running a campaign grounded in conservative solutions, not negative attacks or gimmicks. Liz is the only candidate in the race who will be able to hit the ground running in Washington to lead the fight on behalf of Wyoming families, freedoms and our way of life.

Wyoming Tribune Eagle: “Liz Cheney’s depth of knowledge and experience are what Wyoming needs in Washington right now. When you’re on a ship in the middle of the ocean and the storm hits, what kind of captain do you want at the wheel? Someone brand new to the job, or a seasoned veteran of the high seas who knows when to steer into the waves and when to ride with them? Of course, you want the latter, which is why we believe Liz Cheney is the best Republican candidate this year for Wyoming’s lone seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. And at a time when Wyoming is reeling from low energy prices, being battered by federal overreach and in need of an advocate in the halls of Congress, we need her determination.”

Susan B Anthony List: “Susan B. Anthony List proudly endorses Liz Cheney for Congress. Liz Cheney will be an unwavering and outspoken advocate for unborn children and their mothers, and we look forward to her joining the ranks of our Pro-Life Women’s Caucus in Washington.

Al Simpson: “Ordinarily I stay out of primaries, but this election is just too important to sit on the sidelines. Wyoming really needs another fighter in Washington, and Liz Cheney is that fighter.”

Hank True: “Liz is articulate, possesses deep Wyoming roots, and will be a strong conservative voice for Wyoming and our country. In this crucial year, Liz has shown she is committed to running a campaign based on substance and the issues that matter to the people of Wyoming.”

Jim Owen, Author of Cowboy Ethics: “Liz embodies the principles that built the West and provide a moral foundation for our country. She is a person of courage, willing to take on tough jobs and see them through. She is tough but fair, and when she makes a commitment, you can count on it. Her word is good.”

Rush Limbaugh: “You’ve got guts for doing this.  I know your family history is elective politics and so forth, but, man, is it vicious, it’s dog-eat-dog. They come after you. You need spines of steel to do it, and I think people have a great appreciation for you, your father, your whole family for the sacrifices and the devotion that you’ve had.  So we wish you the best in becoming the one member of Congress from Wyoming.”

Mark Levin: “Liz Cheney I think you would be a terrific member of Congress. I would like to endorse you… Wyoming you know what you have to do.”

Dana Bowman: “No one would take better care of our military, even ensure the might of our country, better than Liz Cheney. Let’s support Liz Cheney for Congress. It’s time for a change. Liz helps to support Wyoming’s youth and communities. She’s dedicated to our veterans, warriors and soldier.”

Veterans for a Strong America: “Liz Cheney is going to be a fantastic congresswoman for Wyoming.”

Hugh Hewitt: “We need your skill set in the U.S. House of Representatives in these challenging times. Liz Cheney should be the next Congresswoman from Wyoming.”

Sean Hannity: “Liz Cheney has been a long-time friend of mine. She’s bright, she’s smart, she’s funny, she’s tough, she’s everything that we would need if we are going to rebuild a vibrant Congress once again. And one that offers no pale pastels, but bold color differences. And she is announcing now, today that she is running for Wyoming’s only House of Representatives seat. Liz Cheney is with us. Congratulations, and I’m on Team Cheney.”

Mountain West Credit Union Association: “Cheney has called for the repeal of Dodd-Frank and demonstrated a strong understanding that excessive over regulatory reach on credit unions must be addressed, as these burdens are hurting the people and small businesses from Cheyenne to Cody. Our interview process made it clear that Ms. Cheney was the right candidate for Wyoming credit unions.”


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