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Tax Day Is Reminder That IRS Is Broken

By Liz Cheney

As recently as 2013, the federal government took nearly $4 billion in individual, corporate, payroll, estate, gift and excise taxes from the people of Wyoming—and that is far too much. Taxes should be reduced, our entire code must be simplified to encourage economic growth, and the scandal plagued IRS must either be reigned-in by Congress or, even better, abolished. We should not have to put up with Washington bureaucrats who target conservatives for their political beliefs.

The 2012 scandal, in which IRS employees “slow-walked” tax applications by Tea Party and other conservative groups to deny them non-tax status during the presidential race, is but one example of a culture that isn’t reserved exclusively for the IRS. It represents a pattern of corrupt behavior that has turned up time and again inside the Obama Administration. While the IRS continues to offer excuses for their failures, it’s clear that the problem stems from mismanagement. The IRS is broken, and the behavior of its officials and operational misconduct must not stand.

The work ethic and grit of every Wyoming worker is a source of great pride for our state. In Congress, I’ll join with fellow conservatives to stop the abuses of the IRS and make sure hardworking taxpayers can keep more of what they earn.

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