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Sean Hannity: “I’m on Team Cheney”

In case you missed it … on Friday, Liz Cheney, a proven constitutional conservative and Republican candidate for U.S. Congress in Wyoming, discussed the launch of her congressional campaign with Sean Hannity on the Sean Hannity Radio Show. The radio, television, and Internet star branded Cheney a “strong, solid, steady conservative.”

Partial Transcript

SH: Liz Cheney has been a long time friend of mine. She’s bright, she’s smart, she’s funny, she’s tough, she’s everything that we would need if we are going to rebuild a vibrant Congress once again. And one that offers no pale pastels, but bold color differences. And she is announcing now, today that she is running for Wyoming’s only House of Representatives seat. Liz Cheney is with us. Congratulations, and I’m on Team Cheney.

LC: Well listen Sean, thank you so much. Your friendship and support has meant the world to me over the years. I’m thrilled to be on your radio show today. We just wrapped up the first week of the campaign. We had a terrific week out here and great to be able to talk to you about it.

SH: You know, do you feel like I do, and much of my audience does, that Republicans have been too timid, feckless, weak in approaching and stopping Obama’s agenda?

LC: There’s no question. I think that the tremendous frustration that people feel all around the country is in large part because of that. They say, well wait a minute we had majorities in the House and Senate now and we still have been unable to stop this President. So I think we’re in a critical moment as you well know. And if we’re going to be effective and successful in defending our freedom and defending our Constitution those of us who believe in it as strong as we do, have got to stand up and fight now.


SH: Well I’m a supporter. I’ve watching you over the years. You’ve been awesome in terms of holding Republicans accountable. You are a strong, solid, steady conservative. I don’t believe you’ll ever cave on anything cause that’s how you are. I’m looking forward to talking to you throughout the campaign.

Listen to the full transcript here.


Liz Cheney is a proud constitutional conservative whose family has called Wyoming home for four generations. As a Fox News Contributor, Liz has been a prominent national voice defending our constitutional rights and standing up against President Obama’s devastating policies. An attorney and former State Department official, Liz is also the co-author of Exceptional: Why The World Needs A Strong America, published in 2015.

Liz is a member of the International Board of Advisors at the University of Wyoming and previously served on the board of Rivers of Recovery, a Wyoming-based organization providing rehabilitation for military veterans. Liz and her husband, Philip Perry, were married in Wyoming 23 years ago and live in Wilson with their five children.

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