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President Con Artist

By Liz Cheney

A recent New York Times profile of Ben Rhodes, Barack Obama’s deputy national security adviser, has once again highlighted the deceit at the heart of President Obama’s national security policy. In the same way that President Obama and Hillary Clinton deceived the American people about the terrorist attack that killed four Americans in Benghazi on the anniversary of 9/11, Rhodes now admits they intentionally misled us about the Iran nuclear agreement, the most dangerous arms control agreement ever entered into by an American president.

Rhodes confirmed that he oversaw the creation of a false narrative on the Iran nuclear deal. The administration lied about when negotiations began, misrepresented the terms of the unsigned agreement and used friendly reporters and news media outlets (such as the New York Times) to silence opposition from policy experts, congressional opponents, and even America’s allies abroad. This is a pattern that the American people have become all too familiar with over the past eight years. Similar to what we saw with Obamacare – flawed legislation crafted in secret, propped up by fiction perpetrated by liberal media outposts and partisan support from congressional Democrats – what has become clear is that Barack Obama makes a far better con artist than Commander in Chief.

What the president and his advisors have failed to grasp is that America does not share Iran’s interests. The Iranian government continues to pledge to destroy Israel. The Iranian government had been responsible for the deaths of American service members in Iraq and Afghanistan. Iran is the world’s leading state sponsor of terror and has provided weapons and training to the Taliban and groups like Hamas and Hezbollah.

Under Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and yes, even Ben Rhodes’ watch, Iran’s influence in the region has spread and their regime has become more emboldened to spread destruction and terror. This has made America’s allies, our troops, and our own homeland less safe. Our next president must ensure that Iran does not obtain a nuclear weapon. Beginning in January, the next administration should work with Congress to reject the current agreement, immediately re-impose all U.S. sanctions, place a stop on all cash payments to the regime, and present a better deal to the American public that is grounded in truth, not propaganda.

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