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Petroleum Association of Wyoming Endorses Liz Cheney for Congress

CASPER – The Petroleum Association of Wyoming (PAW) has formally endorsed Liz Cheney for Wyoming’s seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. PAW, which cited Liz Cheney’s policy proposals as a reason for the endorsement, is the largest and oldest oil and gas trade organization in the state.

In announcing the endorsement, PAW Chairman Randy Harris said, “Wyoming’s oil and natural gas industry continues to be confronted by an aggressive regulatory agenda from federal agencies in Washington that threaten job creation and America’s energy independence. Wyoming needs leadership to be competitive in today’s market, and Liz Cheney is the only candidate running for Congress who has outlined concrete policy proposals that will reform the federal regulatory process and strengthen Wyoming’s fossil fuel industry. The Petroleum Association of Wyoming is proud to endorse Liz Cheney because we are confident she will be a leader that fights for a more prosperous future for Wyoming oil and gas, the consumers we serve, and most importantly, for our country.”

“It’s an honor to have the endorsement of the Petroleum Association of Wyoming, which for more than a century has been among the strongest advocates for energy development, economic growth and job creation for our state,” Liz Cheney said. “Our fossil fuels are national treasures, and as Wyoming’s next representative and lone voice in the U.S. House, I will work to lead a national effort to roll back and rescind out of control federal regulations, such as the Clean Power Plan and BLM Planning 2.0, and fight for policies that support a stronger and expanded fossil fuel industry.”


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