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National Rifle Association Endorses Liz Cheney for Congress


National Gun Rights Group Heralds Cheney as Fighter for Constitutional Rights


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This morning, National Rifle Association Board Member and former President David Keene joined Liz Cheney in Wyoming to announce the NRA’s formal endorsement of her candidacy for U.S. Congress.

“At a time in which the 2nd Amendment remains under constant assault by Barack Obama and liberal Democrats in Congress, Liz Cheney is the consistent, strong and proven conservative that Wyoming families, hunters and sportsmen need in Congress to protect our individual right to keep and bear arms. I have personally known Liz Cheney for years, her western values are strong, and if freedom-loving Wyoming Republicans, Democrats and independents are looking for a leader who will never compromise when it comes to protecting their constitutional rights, then Liz Cheney is their candidate. The National Rifle Association strongly endorses her candidacy for Congress,” David Keene said.

Liz Cheney received an A-Rating from the NRA during the Republican Primary.

“As a lifetime member of the NRA, I know that for more than 145 years the NRA has stood at the forefront of protecting the 2nd Amendment rights of all Americans, and I am honored to have their support and endorsement.  The stakes in this year’s election could not be higher for gun owners. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have shown contempt for the Constitution, our values, and our way of life by seeking to restrict access to firearms and impose unconstitutional restrictions on our gun rights. Wyoming has only one voice in the House of Representatives, we must ensure our Representative will stand up against Nancy Pelosi and any other extremist liberal who seeks to undermine Americans’ constitutional freedom and liberties,” Liz Cheney said.


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