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Mark Levin Endorses Liz Cheney for Congress

During an appearance on Mark Levin’s nationally syndicated radio program on Tuesday, Liz Cheney discussed rolling back excessive bureaucratic regulations to reverse Barack Obama’s war on the west. The congressional candidate also earned the endorsement of Mark Levin in advance of the Republican primary on August 16th.

“Liz Cheney I think you would be a terrific member of Congress. I would like to endorse you… Wyoming you know what you have to do.” Mark Levin said.

Cheney spoke of the challenges facing Wyoming.

“We’re in a crisis as a state and a nation, and what I offer in this race is that I’m the only candidate who can hit the ground running and begin to fight back against overreach of the federal government and the unconstitutional expansion we’ve seen under this President of federal power and authority,” Cheney said.

“The president has decided to absolutely attempt to kill the coal industry. Wyoming is the nation’s largest coal producing state and the Environmental Protection Agency, including with the Clean Power Plan, has unelected bureaucrats deciding that they’re going to target an entire industry, target our farmers and ranchers, [this] is a form of federal overreach that is unprecedented. It’s going to take a huge amount of work to begin to dig out from under, to roll back, and we don’t have time on our side. We have to begin doing it immediately.”

Cheney described the qualities that separate her from other Republican candidates.

“If you look at the challenges that we face in Wyoming, we only have one representative out of 435, and we’re not going to be able to fight against federal agencies like the EPA on our own. We have got to have a representative who will bring a national focus to these issues, someone who can build national coalitions, somebody who can lead on a national stage. What I bring is a combination that is unique in this race of deep Wyoming roots – I’m a fourth generation Wyomingite – plus experiences inside and outside of Wyoming that really give me the tools to be able, on day one, to undertake effective oversight of these agencies, to start to be a leader for our fossil fuels, and to fight back effectively on a national basis to defend our industries.”

Cheney also took time to discuss her strong Wyoming roots.

“My very first experience politics began back in 1978 when my Dad ran for the first time and we traveled the state together as a family. We rented an RV. My grandfather drove and my grandmother cooked our meals. My mom and my sister and I all worked together. My job was to hand out the Cheney for Congress buttons. It was a wonderful way to learn firsthand about how our political system should work. About what it means to get out and earn every single vote. About the beauty and tremendous value of our state and people. So I feel really blessed to have the chance now to do many of those things with my own kids, and have them with us on the campaign trail this time around.”

Levin concluded reiterating his support for Liz Cheney.

“Folks if you want to help, it’s, We wish you all the best, good luck,” Levin said.

Click here to listen to Liz’s full interview with Mark Levin.

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