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Liz Cheney is Right for Wyoming

We are at a critical point in time for Campbell County, the state of Wyoming, and our nation.

We have been under a relentless assault by President Obama and Washington on those things that have always made us strong, from our individual freedoms, to our communities and our abundant natural resources. Each of us is well aware that our constitutional rights are under daily attack.

We in Campbell County know better than anyone that the war on our energy and mining industries is all too real and that regulations on our agricultural and livestock industries are out of control. At the same time, taxes and spending have exploded and now threaten to choke the private sector and leave us and our heirs with a debt that can’t be repaid.

It is also imperative we have a representative that will be effective on day one. We know that person is Liz Cheney. She has fought for, written on, and spoken about our concerns publicly and prominently for years, and as a fourth generation Wyomingite, raising a fifth, she knows how those issues affect us all.

Liz Cheney will actively defend Wyoming in the U.S. Congress. Time and a learning curve are luxuries we cannot afford.

Joanne Tweedy
Nick Kasperik
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