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Liz Cheney Invites Bill Clinton to Discuss Hillary Clinton Pledge to “Put A Lot of Coal Miners Out of Work”

CHEYENNE – ­ This afternoon, Liz Cheney invited former President Bill Clinton to sit down face-to-face at a Wyoming Energy Meeting when he is in Cheyenne on Wednesday to discuss the devastation Hillary Clinton’s policies will cause to Wyoming’s energy industry.

“Bill Clinton shouldn’t set foot in Wyoming to ask for one vote, or one campaign donation, until he looks Wyoming coal miners in the eye and explains why Hillary Clinton wants to take away their jobs and devastate their families,” Liz Cheney said.

Appearing at a recent town hall in Ohio, Hillary Clinton promised that during her administration, “we’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.” Clinton’s statement was an acknowledgement that she plans to continue waging Barack Obama’s “war on coal,” and represents further proof she intends to destroy Wyoming jobs.

“Barack Obama’s ‘War on Fossil Fuels’ has already cost us thousands of jobs in Wyoming. If we don’t stand up to Hillary Clinton, we’ll lose thousands more. Former President Clinton can name the time and place. I will provide the room. I will provide the table. We’ll open the meeting to the press and the public so former President Clinton can learn the facts about what a national treasure Wyoming’s coal reserves are, and why we will never let Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton shut down our coal industry,” Cheney concluded.

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