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Liz Cheney Doubles State Leadership Team

CASPER – This morning, Liz Cheney announced 162 new members of her Cheney for Wyoming State Leadership Team. Since launching her campaign on January 30, Liz’s state team has grown from 156 to 318 leaders.

“Success in this campaign will come through grit, hard work, and a determination to drive strong grassroots organizing inside every county in Wyoming. Our state leadership team includes community leaders, Republican officials and dedicated activists from every corner of our state, and its rapid growth reflects our momentum in this race. I’m proud to have their support and I look forward to working with them to fight in Congress for Wyoming families, jobs and our way of life,” Liz Cheney said.

Cheney’s campaign will be chaired statewide by Dick and Maggie Scarlett of Jackson, Bill and Toni Thomson of Cheyenne, Hank and Karen True of Casper, Joanne and Chuck Tweedy of Gillette, Rita Meyer of Cheyenne, and Randall Luthi of Freedom.

Cheney for Wyoming Leadership Team:
*denotes new member

Campaign Co-Chairs
Dick and Maggie Scarlett
Bill and Toni Thomson
Hank and Karen True
Randall Luthi
Rita Meyer
Joanne and Chuck Tweedy*

Campaign Finance Chair and Treasurer
Bill Scarlett

Albany County
Byra Kite
Tammy Hooper
Celeste and Dan Colgan
Kimberly Starkey
Rachel Rubino
Justin Linn
John and Joyce Vandel*
Ben McKay*
Phil and Chris Pridmore*
Sue and Marius Favret*
Kay Picard*
Mike and Dee Bott*
Michael J. Pearce*
Andy and Bobbalu Hoefer*
Joey Correnti*
Baille Miller*

Big Horn County
Diana DiLorenzo
RoxAnne Brewer*

Campbell County
Joanne and Chuck Tweedy*
Nick Kasperik
John and Dona Mansell
Greg Schaefer
Dave and Tressa Horning*
Jordan and Josh Snelson*
Heidi Gross*
Jerry Tystad*
Mary Silvernell*
Nancy and Bob Tarver*
Jeral and Marjorie Rainwater*
Diane Solomon*
Kathryn and Richard Holland*
Peggy and Craig Means*
Kathy Swartz*
Mary Horning*

Carbon County
Joy and Bob Teska
Patty Sue Schuler
Linda Barker
John and Joni Johnson
Dawna Erickson
Janet Chrisp
Sandy and Dutch Miller
Shorty and Hazel Ballard
Kevin Teska*

Converse County
Becky Costantino
Bernie and Sally Seebaum
Chuck and Mary Engebresten
Frank and Elaine Moore
Brad and Laurie Boner*

Crook County
Wade Dennis*
Glen and Jeanne Wyatt
Mary Garman*

Fremont County
Darlene and Dave Vaughan
Lois Herbst
Lindy Linn
Judy and Don Legerski*
John and Gerri Boesch
Daniel and Valaira Cardenas*
Mary and Colton Murray*
John Brown*
Teresa David*
Dr. Kevin and Michelle Roberts
Sarah Kalbach*
Annmarie Kalbach*

Goshen County
Lois Van MARK
Jack and Hanna Van Mark*
Ruth Van Mark*

Hot Springs County
Dan and Sheri Bravenec
Daniel and Jocelyn Wychgram*
Tim and Sylvia Lippencott*

Johnson County
Roz and Tom Harriet
Marilyn Novotny
Nicole Novotny-Wonka
Marilyn Connolly
Cheryl Madden
Jim and Mary Hicks*

Laramie County
Dave and Annemarie Picard
Darwin Pace
Harriet Hageman
Amy and Harlan Edmonds*
Caitlin Young
Ruth Ann Norris
Cory Schroeder
Sammy Jay and Warren Ayala*
Robin J. Laws*
Chris Allen*
Jack Mueller*
Marj Gorman*
James Clay Andersen*
Bruce Thomson*
Leonard Moser*
Bill Henderson*

Lincoln County
Kevin Voyles
Cheri Harriet
Al and Ann Maki
Harvey and Gail Klein
Charles and Kelli Clinger
Wade Hirschi*
Wanda Newman*

Natrona County
Tom and Julie Scarlett
Gerald Gay
Kit and Sheridan Jennings
Doug Cooper
Dr. Jason Whitman
Dr. Tom Kopitnik
Gina Duel
Monte and Sue Carr
Rebecca Sedar*
Ken Ball*
Kyle True*
Jackie Brown*
Clifford Womack*
Kimberly Walker*
Marcia Neumiller*
Elaine Lafferty*
Sharon Henley*
Dr. Roy and Kathi Paulson*
Dan Sullivan*
Russ Donley*
George Purdham*
Roger Merriman*
Janet Sowell*
Rachel Allen*

Niobrara County
Charlene Miller
Tom Dunlap*
Tom Wasserburger*
Ron and Dory Pfister*
Barb Cushman*

Park County
Bill and Deb Simpson
Judith and Paul Cali
Bob Berry
Geri Hockhalter
Harry and Shirley Lehman*
Pete and Melanie Lovelace*
Pam Feeley*
Camara Clifton*
Claudine and George Dillman*
Lani Snyder*
Wally and Donna Johnson*
Gordie and Terri Allison*
Dan and Tana Shively*
Marc and Jodie Thompson*
Ron and Tina Meeker*
Jeff Mummery*
Buck and Shirley Wilkerson*
Joyce Boyer*
Rachel and Chris Williams*

Platte County
Blinky Byers
Judy and Greg Horton*
Sherri Cullen
Clara and Kerry Powers
Carol Ash
Tim and Allison Weaver
Chuck and Katie Brown
Mickey and Fred McGuire
Stephanie Foye-Huegel*
Ed and Peggy Foye*
Steve and M.K. Burnett*
Sheri Faris*
Alden and Sherilyn Prosser*
Gaynell Ashenhurst*
Mary Kay and Randy Hunter*
Amity Winn*
Haley Besneatte*

Sheridan County
Ryan and Sarah Mulholland*
Carole and Bill Perkins
Lucy and Pete Widener*
Galen and Jill Chase
John and Karen Chase
Erin Mercer
Susan Weakly
Dianna and Kyle Sampson*
Tom Kinnison*
Susan Porden*
Melissa Badley*
Butch and Glenda Jellis*
Kent Sherwood*
Brad Waldren*
Kary Matthews*

Sublette County
Bill and Carrie Budd
Sam and Jennifer Clark
Juli James*

Sweetwater County
Margaret Parry
George Lemich
Teresa Richards
Clark Stith
J. Island Richards
Dr. Sigsbee and Cindy Duck
Ron Wild
Kim Brown
Greg and Cynthia Bailey*
Teresa Noble*
Ray and Mary Hardy*

Teton County
John and Mary Kay Turner
Clarene and Creed Law
Jackie Montgomery
Jan Larimer
Abbey and Rob Hardeman
Pete and Maureen Feuz
Dave and Susie NeVille
Alexandra Jajonie*
Jodi and Brian Edwards*
Liz and Mike Jorgenson*

Uinta County
Jack and Rose Avery
Dave and Deborah Bassett
Darla Peterson
Chelsea Prows*
Shelly Erickson*

Washakie County
Dena Bower
Alison Lass
Sarah Lungren
Terry Wolf
Fred Frandson*
Al and Carla Willard*

Weston County
Amanda Barton
Todd Quigley
Janet Materi
Liz Barritt*
Ruben Ritthaler*

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