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Liz Cheney Demands Resignation of VA Secretary

SHERIDAN – Today, Liz Cheney released the following statement regarding VA Secretary Bob McDonald’s comparison of veteran wait times to visitors’ experiences at a Disney theme park.

“President Obama should show America’s veterans the respect they deserve by demanding the immediate resignation of Secretary McDonald. Wyoming is home to more than 50,000 brave men and women who have fought and sacrificed mightily for our nation on battlefields throughout the world. Beyond being owed a debt our nation can never repay, they are entitled to the highest quality treatment from our VA Health Centers in the fastest amount of time possible. Congress must exercise its constitutional responsibilities to further investigate and put an end to the culture of fraud and abuse that pervades this broken system,” Cheney said.


Yesterday, at the Christian Science Monitor breakfast, Veteran Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald said that if we don’t measure Disney’s success by wait times we should not measure the VA’s success by wait times either. “At CSM breakfast VA Sec McDonald says we don’t measure Disney’s success by wait times so why should we measure VA’s?” (Sarah Westwood, Washington Examiner Reporter, Twitter Feed, 5/23/16)

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