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Liz Cheney Conducts Press Interviews on Wyoming Issues & Presidential Primary

KTAK (Riverton)

John B.: “I’m a little bit off my feed due to election results yesterday…what’s your reaction?”

Liz: “Well, I look at this election cycle we have been through now, a very hard fought contest. We had, I think, 17 really terrific candidates for the most part. Everybody fought hard. We are now down to, we’ve got a nominee it looks like. And you know, I just look at from the perspective of the very most important thing is to make sure Hillary Clinton does not get elected President. And I think that means we need to unify as a party. We need to unify behind Donald Trump who looks like he’s going to be our nominee. And do everything we can do make sure we don’t get another Obama term which is what Hillary Clinton would bring to the nation.”

John B.: “You had a debate on public radio the other night. How’d that go?”

Liz: “I thought it was a great debate. We had nine of us, I believe. Bob Beck organized the whole thing along with the College Republicans and the Student Union President there in Laramie. And it was a really good debate. They structured so that every candidate got to answer every question. I think that was a good way to organize it. I think it was the beginning of a season now where we have a number of those types of forums. And I think that’s great for the people of Wyoming. They get to hear from us. They get to see which ones of us have specific ideas – and which don’t, and that’s a really good thing for the election.”

Listen to Liz’s entire interview on KTAK:

KTWO TV (Casper)

Aaron: “More and more leaders are being faced with the question, “Do you support donald trump?” Tonight, one of Wyoming’s Republican House of Representative candidates, Liz Cheney, stopped byand we asked her where she stands Trump. Your opinion, are you endorsing Donald Trump for President?”

Liz: “I had not endorsed anyone in the primary. It now looks like Mr. Trump will be the nominee. I think it is very important for us as Republicans, to remember the devastation that Hillary Clinton would do if she becomes the nominee, or Bernie Sanders should he be the Democratic nominee. We need to unify now, in my view, behind Mr. Trump. He is looking like he is going to be the nominee. Defeating Hillary in November is the most important thing.”

Watch liz’s entire interview on KTWO TV:

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