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Liz Cheney Addresses Wyoming Geological Association

Candidate Offers Conservative Solutions to Strengthen Fossil Fuel & Ag Industries


CASPER – Liz Cheney recently addressed the Wyoming Geological Association’s luncheon in Casper. Liz spoke of the importance of this election, addressed threats facing Wyoming, and offered solutions to strengthen job creation and development of Wyoming’s agricultural and fossil fuel industries.

“This is a hugely important election year. If you look at where Wyoming is after eight years of Barack Obama, and you look at the devastation we’re facing, it’s no exaggeration to say that we are at a crisis moment …There’s no question that [Barack Obama] came into office really determined to make us much more like a European social democracy. He’s done that in a range of ways. What we feel most here in Wyoming is through agencies such as EPA and BLM. We have wonderful people at the local level working hard and doing their best. But the instructions out of Washington, too often, are often out of touch. They want to keep our fossil fuels in the ground, they believe human activity is bad, and they’re new BLM Planning 2.0 process is terrible. Essentially what it will do is open up our land use management process to allow international environmental NGOs to sit at the table with our commissioners to have a say over our lands,” Liz Cheney said.

Liz also outlined her vision for what needs to be done to reverse Barack Obama’s devastating policies. 

“I will organize and lead a national effort on behalf of our fossil fuel industry, on behalf of our resources, on behalf of our mining industry. People are too afraid to stand up and say that our fossil fuels are a national treasure. We can’t let Wyoming fight this fight alone. We have got to look at how the radical environmentalists are organized nationally. They’re taking advantage of sue and settle, equal access to justice, they have too many agencies in their pocket. We are not organized effectively to stop them. I will lead the national fight to stop them because this fight has to do with our economic security, our national security and fundamentally with our sovereignty.

“Congress must use the power of the purse to get the EPA under control. We need a revolution in regulation. We have got to be in a position where Congress is saying that any regulation that is adopted has to be the least economically impactful as possible. We need to sunset regulations that are on the books. We also need to repeal NEPA because it’s another statute that has been absolutely abused. We need to limit the amount of time the federal government has to approve our projects,” Cheney said. 

Liz Cheney has also announced critical legislative priorities that will make progress in strengthening Wyoming’s fossil fuel and agricultural industries.

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