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I’d Be Honored to Receive Your Vote

vote-today-pollOver seven months ago we began our campaign in Gillette. I wanted to make clear to every family, small business and worker my dedication and determination to reverse Barack Obama’s damage to our energy industry. Wyoming has been harder hit than any other state over the past seven and a half years and I am prepared to hit the ground running in Washington on day one, to champion conservative solutions that protect our fossil fuel, ag and mineral industries, strengthen our constitutional rights, and preserve our way of life.

Team Cheney has accomplished a tremendous amount since February. We promised that we would work hard to earn every vote and that is exactly what we are doing. We’ve driven tens of thousands of miles across our beloved state. We’ve hosted and participated in hundreds of events, and taken part in 17 candidate forums. To date, we’ve announced more than 500 county leaders spanning every county in our great state. We’ve raised more money and resources in Wyoming from more Wyoming donors than all of our opponents combined, and we’ve accumulated thousands of volunteer man-hours at fair booths and going door-to-door. I am so grateful for everything you all have done. We have the largest grassroots campaign effort our state has ever seen – and we’re not done yet.

I’m particularly proud of the positive, solutions-oriented campaign we’ve run. Everywhere we go — and in all the endorsements we have received from Veterans for a Strong America, the Casper Star Tribune, the Wyoming Tribune Eagle, Hank True, Al Simpson, Mark Levin, Susan B. Anthony List, Sean Hannity and many others — we hear about the contrast between our campaign and our opponents’. While they have spent time launching false negative attacks, we have been focused on the issues, challenges and solutions needed to bring jobs back to our great state and defend our freedoms. We’ve met their false attacks with substance. We’ve trained our attention on Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and liberal Democrats who are more interested in waging a war on Wyoming than ISIS.

We have only one voice in the U.S. House of Representatives. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have proven to be unfit to lead our nation, and it’s past time for their agenda to be reversed – both at home and abroad. In Congress I will lead the fight to roll back the unconstitutional overreach of agencies like the EPA and BLM so we can unleash our fossil fuels and ag industries and bring jobs back to Wyoming. I’ll lead a national effort to defend our constitutional rights, secure our borders, and give our men and women in uniform the resources they need to defeat radical Islamic terrorists.

Congress must take back the authority it has abdicated to unelected bureaucrats, sunset existing regulations and ensure future regulations impose the least economic cost on our private sector. We must restore local authority and control over our schools by repealing Common Core. I will be an uncompromising defender of the Constitution, including our 1st amendment freedom of conscience and our 2nd Amendment individual right to keep and bear arms and I will fight every day to protect the rights of the unborn and defend the family as the fundamental building block of our society.

Regardless of whether our next president is a Democrat or Republican, the one and only voice we have in the U.S. House must be able to command their attention on a national stage to ensure our economic and national security needs are met. The job is too big and too important to be trusted to someone who will take years to develop the seniority needed to get results for our businesses, industries, families, workers, and veterans.

I’m proud of the conservative solutions I have put forth, and the grassroots team we assembled to help put Wyoming’s needs front and center. I am grateful for all of your support and hard work. Twenty-eight weeks ago in Gillette I promised that I would lead the fight every day in Congress to reverse the damage that has been done to our state by Barack Obama. I will be an unyielding advocate for our veterans, our fossil fuel industry, and for the rights of our parents, our sportsmen, our farmers and ranchers, and the future generations that will inherit our way of life. I will never quit fighting for Wyoming.

The polls are open from 7am to 7pm on Tuesday, and I’d be honored to receive your vote.


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