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ICYMI: Ryan Greene Endorses Hillary Clinton

Wyoming Tribune Eagle: “Greene Decides on Support for Clinton”

Casper Star-Tribune: “Greene Says He Will Be Voting for Clinton”

“Hillary Clinton has pledged to put Wyoming’s coal miners out of work and destroy our fossil fuel industry.  As Secretary of State, her conduct put American lives and our most sensitive information at risk. She will appoint liberal justices to the Supreme Court, deny our Second Amendment rights, and continue the devastating policies of Barack Obama. The livelihood of our state, our families and our freedom rests on this election. There is no question that Donald Trump would be far better for Wyoming and our constitutional rights than Hillary Clinton, and that’s why I voted for him for president.” – Liz Cheney

After facing a backlash from Wyoming Democrats in recent days, Greene conceded that Hillary Clinton had earned his endorsement and vote for president. From today’s edition of the Casper Star-Tribune:

“Ryan Greene, the Democrat running for Wyoming’s only U.S. House seat, raised eyebrows last week when he told a reporter that he didn’t know whether he was going to vote for his party’s presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, or Republican Donald Trump.

“‘Neither one has earned my vote,’ Greene is quoted as saying in an Associated Press story. ‘I don’t think a candidate should just get your vote by default. They should earn it.’

“Some Democrats questioned whether Greene was pandering to conservative voters — since he’ll need their support if he’s to win Wyoming’s only House seat — while abandoning voters in his own party.

“During a Monday interview with the Star-Tribune, Greene said he’ll vote for Clinton.”

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