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ICYMI: Liz Cheney Talks To Wyoming Media While Trump’s Pick Flocks To DC Talking Head

This morning, Liz Cheney held a press call with Wyoming media outlets to discuss the importance of honoring U.S. Marine Rylee McCollum as he returns home today, reflecting on the 20th anniversary of September 11th tomorrow and what that means, and detailing some of the meetings she’s held across the state in recent days.

She was also asked questions about the political developments in the aftermath of President Trump’s endorsement. Here are some key quotes she gave:

CHENEYI’m going to run on my strong conservative record, I’m going to run on what I’ve produced and delivered for the people of Wyoming…those will continue to be at the centerpiece of this race. In addition, obviously, there are a whole range of issues that are connected to the rule of law and the Constitution. And I do think it’s tragic opportunism, frankly. I watch sort of how things have unfolded over the course of the last several months, and as we’ve seen what happened on January 6th, and before that, I believe that my duty and my oath are things that must be above politics. 

I would point out that Harriet took a similar oath when she became a member of the Wyoming Bar. And she now is abandoning that principle, sacrificing that oath, abandoning her duty to the people of Wyoming in order to pledge loyalty to Donald Trump. She seems to be stepping into the shoes of people like Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, two attorneys who have recently been sanctioned by the courts for lying about the election. 

It’s really tragic to see that kind of opportunism. It’s completely inconsistent with Wyoming values. The people of Wyoming need to know that their Representative will stand for the Constitution, will abide by her oath of office, will stand up for Wyoming values, and will stand up for the rule of law. And watching how this primary race has unfolded — the notion that candidates have felt that they needed to go to New Jersey to pledge their allegiance to Donald Trump, rather than to the people of Wyoming and the Constitution is really sad to see.

In addition, she was asked to respond to a report that outside national consultants affiliated with the former President would be advising one of her opponents in the race. Here was what she had to say about that:

REP. CHENEYI think that what what we are seeing is sort of this arrogance of outside political operatives thinking that they can come into Wyoming, and try to fool Wyoming voters, and try to ultimately convince Wyoming voters to do what the folks in Bedminster or Mar-a-Lago think makes sense for us. And in election after election after election, going back decades, that kind of approach has never worked here. It never will work here. And there’s, again, it’s an arrogance of outsiders who think they can come into Wyoming and tell us what’s best for us. 

So, I think that if Harriet wants to cast her lot with those folks, I would note that they’re the same people who were involved in misleading millions of Americans about the election in 2020. There’s also a certain level of grift that goes on. But that’s the decision that she’s got to make. I’m going to be very focused on the issues that matter to us here in Wyoming, on standing up for our principles and our values, fighting against the devastating Biden Administration policies we’ve seen with respect to energy, our ag industry, across the board spending. I’m going to continue to do that and focus on that. And if any other candidate wants to bring in plane loads full of outsiders from New Jersey, that tells you something about what they think about the voters, and I’m confident that our voters aren’t going to fall for that. 

For those interested, the full audio of the call can be listened to at this link and I’m happy to circulate a transcript of it to anyone who wants to reach out to me directly.

Instead of speaking to the media in Wyoming or giving her first public interview since becoming a candidate to a Wyoming television outlet or radio station, Harriet Hageman spoke to an opinion host in Washington, D.C. last night. In addition to attempting to downplay Cheney’s support in the state and the fact that she received nearly 69% of the vote in 2020, Hageman backtracked on her previous comments that affirm Cheney’s strong Wyoming ties, made clear she will betray her oath out of political convenience, and absurdly tried to claim that Cheney is not fighting the Biden Administration’s policy agenda:

  1. HAGEMAN’S HYPOCRISY: 2021 Harriet Hageman should meet 2013 Harriet Hageman.

In last night’s interview, she claimed, “the state of Wyoming deserves to be represented by someone from Wyoming…and someone who has Wyoming’s best interest at heart.”

If that’s her requirement, then Liz Cheney fits the bill, according to Hageman’s own past statements. As was reported this week“Hageman told The Associated Press in 2013 that Cheney’s family had a long history in Wyoming and that such criticism was a ‘distraction.'”

  1. HAGEMAN’S BETRAYAL: As a member of the bar, Hageman has sworn an oath to defend the Constitution.

During the interview, she tried to shift her clear betrayal of this oath and alleged that “Liz Cheney has betrayed Wyoming. She betrayed all of us.”  

The facts tell a completely different story. Liz Cheney kept her promise to the people of Wyoming and upheld her oath to defend the Constitution. As Cheney spoke about in the call this morning, it’s Harriet Hageman who is – in the name of political opportunism – betraying the oath she took and abandoning principle by accepting President Trump’s endorsement and pledging loyalty to him despite his efforts to disregard the Constitution and the rule of law.

  1. HAGEMAN’S FALSE CLAIM: If Harriet Hageman thinks Liz Cheney is not fighting the Biden Administration, she must be wearing blinders.

She said about Cheney in the interview last night, “she’s not pursuing the agenda that’s important to Wyoming. She’s not fighting the Biden Administration on the terrible policies that have been so destructive to our state, to our small businesses, to our students.” 

In addition to Cheney’s lengthy list of accomplishments on behalf of the people of Wyoming that was circulated yesterday, below includes just a sampling of examples where she has challenged President Biden and his Administration’s agenda over the past nine months:

*Rep. Cheney’s Opposition To President Biden’s Policies*

Defense/National Security:


  • Stakeout Remarks (April 14, 2021): Cheney: We Know What Happens If Terrorists Establish Safe Havens; We Must Ensure It Doesn’t Happen Again
  • Hugh Hewitt Interview (June 17, 2021): Cheney: President Biden Needs To Be Clear We Won’t Stand For Russia & China’s Aggression
  • Hugh Hewitt Interview (August 12, 2021): Cheney To Hewitt: What’s Happening In Afghanistan Is Catastrophic
  • Tweet (August 14, 2021)
  • ABC’s “This Week” Interview (August 15, 2021): Cheney: The Catastrophe We’re Watching Unfold In Afghanistan Did Not Have To Happen; This Is Not Ending The War. It’s Perpetuating It.
  • Brian Kilmeade Radio (August 16, 2021): Cheney On Fox News Radio: Biden’s Advisor Is Right. This Isn’t Saigon. It’s Far Worse.
  • Tweet (August 16, 2021)
  • Commonwealth Club (August 17, 2021): Cheney: Biden’s Afghanistan Address Is Not A Speech The POTUS Should Ever Give
  • “Meet The Press” Interview (August 22, 2021): Cheney: Biden’s Withdrawal Has Not Only Damaged The U.S. In Afghanistan. It Has Damaged Us Globally
  • Guy Benson Interview (August 24, 2021): Cheney: President Biden Has Damaged Our Ability To Protect & Defend Ourselves
  • Neil Cavuto Interview (August 24, 2021): Cheney: President Biden Has Put Us In A Catastrophic Situation; He’s Making Concessions To The Taliban & Putting Americans At Risk
  • Tweet (August 31, 2021)
  • Tweet (September 8, 2021)


  • Return to JCPOA Statement (February 18, 2021): Cheney: Returning To The JCPOA Will Embolden A Terrorist Regime & Make Us Less Safe
  • Reagan Institute Remarks (February 23, 2021): Cheney: We Will Ensure That The Forces Of Freedom Prevail In The Decades To Come
  • Hugh Hewitt Interview (March 19, 2021): Cheney: Democrats’ Proposed Defense Cuts Are Even More Dangerous Considering The Threat We Face From China
  • Stakeout Remarks (April 20, 2021): Cheney: Our Adversaries Are Testing President Biden & He’s Responding With Weakness

Natural Resources/Energy:


  • 30×30 Legislation (August 17, 2021): Cheney Introduces Legislation To Protect Private Property Rights From Potential Federal Overreach

Energy Leasing Ban:

  • Executive Orders Statement (January 27, 2021): Cheney: Biden Executive Orders Endanger Wyoming’s Economy And Our National Security
  • Stakeout Remarks (February 24, 2021): Cheney: Biden’s Executive Orders Are Nothing Short Of Heartless
  • Letter On Damaging Policies (March 8, 2021): Cheney Joins Bipartisan Letter On The Damage The Biden Administration’s Policies Are Having On Energy Producers
  • NEPA Reform Bill (June 11, 2021): Cheney Introduces NEPA Reform Bill To Streamline Regulations & Empower State/Local Leaders


  • Executive Orders Statement (January 20, 2021): Cheney: These Executive Orders Are Not The Way To Move The Nation Forward & Help The American People
  • Paris Accord HEAT Statement (February 19, 2021): Cheney Joins HEAT Members In Outlining Consequences as U.S. Officially Rejoins Paris Agreement
  • Westerman Visit Statement (March 30, 2021): Cheney, Westerman Visit With Wyoming Energy Stakeholders & Tour Key Sites Across State
  • Uranium Op-Ed (September 2, 2021): The Washington Times (Cheney): Biden, Environmental Extremists Undermine U.S. Energy Independence

Second Amendment:


  • Budget Resolution Statement (August 24, 2021): Cheney: Budget Framework Is Nothing More Than A Blank Check For Democrats’ Dangerous Agenda

Border Crisis/Border Security:

  • Stakeout Remarks (March 9, 2021): Cheney: The Biden Administration Refuses To Open Schools, But Has Decided To Open The Border
  • Press Conference Remarks (March 11, 2021): Cheney: President Biden Is Abdicating His Responsibility By Ignoring The Border Crisis


  • America’s Newsroom Interview (January 21, 2021): Cheney: We Will Be United Going Forward To Fight Against The Policies Of The Biden Administration
  • Joint Session Statement (April 28, 2021): Cheney: The Policies President Biden Outlined Are Bad For Wyoming And Bad For America
  • Bret Baier Interview (May 13, 2021): Cheney On Special Report: We Cannot Defeat President Biden’s Dangerous Policies If We Enable A Lie

BOTTOM LINE: If Harriet Hageman is going to deliberately mislead the people of Wyoming on the very first day of her campaign, get ready for a long eleven months…

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