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Hillary’s Pink Slips

By Liz Cheney


That’s at least how many pink slips Hillary Clinton wants to hand out to Wyoming families in her first 100 days as president.

Hillary Clinton is now promising to “put a lot of coal miners out of business” during her first months as president. Barack Obama launched the war on coal, but it’s clear Hillary is dedicated to seeing it through. And that’s not all – Attorney General Lynch is threatening to take legal action against energy companies that dare to question the administration’s junk science about climate change.

We have already lost thousands of energy jobs in Wyoming. And if we don’t fight effectively to end the war on coal, we will lose thousands more. Every town in our state will feel even more pain from the devastating effect of misguided Washington policies.

We cannot stand by and let his happen. I am running to represent Wyoming in Congress because I know what it will take to lead – and win – this fight. My pledge to you is that when I get to Washington, I’ll fight any action to destroy Wyoming energy jobs; and I’ll stand up to anyone who threatens our way of life.

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