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Cheney Wants to End the War on Coal

ROCK SPRINGS — The state of the economy and political experience were on the minds of Liz Cheney’s supporters in Rock Springs. The Republican candidate to fill U.S. Rep. Cynthia Lummis’ seat visited Sweetwater County on Wednesday.

Cheney addressed a plethora of issues at a meet and greet including the need to bring more power back to the states.

“We are really at a critical moment for our state, for our country and for our freedom,” she said. “Wyoming’s next representative is got to be someone who can fight on a national stage to undo the devastating policies of the last eight years and to restore our freedoms and constitutional rights.”

Cheney said Wyoming’s freedom and national security are threatened.

First, Cheney blames the Barack Obama administration’s regulatory policies for the impact they’ve had on Wyoming, in particular the Clean Air Act.

“If we can get the federal government out of our way, we could help the nation because we are energy independent and we can see an economic renaissance in our state,” she said. “We need a representative who will be able to bring a spotlight to these issues and develop national coalitions to end the war on coal, to end the war on energy fuels, to end the war on the west, which is our way of life.”

The second threat deals with radical fundamentalism and national security, she said. Cheney pointed to reduced military spending and said it has hurt the country’s ability to defend itself.

Cheney planed to head to Rawlins on Thursday then to Cheyenne on Friday before heading to Lander, Riverton, Cody and Powell next week.

“She’s very bright, knows how the system works and has strong conservative values,” Rock Springs resident Jay Schneiders said. “In her heart she really wants to serve in that capacity. The country needs people like her.”

Rancher Kim Brown of Farson said people are underestimating Cheney’s political skill.

“A lot of people don’t understand her wealth of knowledge,” he said.

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