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Cheney: With Secret Agreement, Obama Aided America’s Enemies

Obama-Clinton Nuclear Deal Most Damaging Agreement in U.S. History


ENCAMPMENT – Liz Cheney, candidate for U.S. Congress, released the following statement after yesterday’s explosive report from the Associated Press that the secret side agreement of the Obama-Clinton Iran nuclear deal allows the Iranians to acquire advanced centrifuges.

“With this side agreement, President Obama agreed to aid America’s most dangerous enemy in acquiring the world’s most dangerous weapons,” Cheney said.

“Eight years of Obama’s devastating national security policies have weakened America and emboldened our enemies. The Iranian nuclear deal, launched by Secretary Clinton, is the most damaging international agreement in U.S. history. With the leak of the secret side deal, we have clear evidence President Obama and Secretary Clinton worked to aid America’s enemies in secret and lied to the American people about their actions. This deal and its secret side agreement must be rejected and Secretary Clinton must be defeated. We need leaders in Washington who will defend America not aid our enemies.”


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