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Cheney: Clinton’s Criminal Behavior Proves She Must Never Again Have Access to U.S. Intelligence

CASPER – Liz Cheney, candidate for U.S. Congress, issued the following statement after the FBI released the notes and summaries of their investigation into Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified material.

“Notes released this afternoon by the FBI of their investigation of Secretary Clinton prove once again that Hillary Clinton is a serial liar guilty of criminal behavior. She is unfit to be Commander-in-Chief. Her claims that she “can’t recall” being trained in the proper handling of classified material and that she believed classification markings to be ‘alphabetical’ in nature defy credulity. Her behavior put American lives and our most sensitive information at risk. Hillary Clinton is a woman with no shame who is unable to stop lying to the American people. She must never again have access to classified material,” Liz Cheney said.

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