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Cheney: Clinton’s Coal Attacks Undermine America’s Energy Potential

CASPER – Today, Liz Cheney released the following statement on Hillary Clinton’s latest attack on the future of coal energy in America.

“Hillary Clinton’s continued ideological attacks on coal energy underscore her desire to accelerate Barack Obama’s war on fossil fuels, and represent a direct threat to Wyoming, every electricity consumer across America, our nation’s economy and our national security,” Liz Cheney said.

On Monday while campaigning in Pennsylvania, Hillary Clinton said that steel can come back, “but coal is a different issue.”

“Anybody who is looking at the facts knows that Clinton’s attacks on coal undermine our energy potential. Wyoming’s abundant coal reserves hold tremendous promise for our future, yet Hillary Clinton’s Climate Army embraces junk science to destroy industries that are central to our way of life. Negative attacks from liberal Democrats, and the radical environmentalists that support them, must be met with concrete solutions that roll back unconstitutional executive authority, sunset out of control federal regulation and encourage innovation and exploration practices that have long been hallmarks of America’s and Wyoming’s fossil fuels industry. On day one in Congress I will begin fighting to reverse Barack Obama’s eight-year assault on Wyoming’s energy industry and jobs, and I’ll oppose any attempt to perpetuate failed policies that stand in the way of our state’s economic recovery,” Cheney said.

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