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Cheney: Clinton’s “Climate Army” Must Be Stopped

GILLETTE – Liz Cheney released the following statement this morning on a report that Hillary Clinton is assembling a covert “Climate Army” to continue Barack Obama’s disastrous energy policies.

“The Obama Administration has spent the last eight years seeking to destroy Wyoming’s energy industry and it’s clear that Hillary Clinton’s covert ‘Climate Army’ is determined to finish the job,” Liz Cheney said.

“First Hillary Clinton promised to ‘put a lot of coal miners out of business,’ now she’s assembling a team to make that promise a reality. They must be stopped. Wyoming’s fossil fuels are a national treasure, and the protection of our greatest resource, our people, is non-negotiable. The stakes in this year’s elections couldn’t be greater. In Congress I will protect Wyoming families and jobs by leading the fight everyday to reverse Barack Obama’s devastating energy policies, end out of control regulation, and stop the Democrats’ radical climate agenda,” Cheney said.


On Thursday, Politico reported that Hillary Clinton is assembling a “Climate Army” in order to “continue President Barack Obama’s policies on energy, the environment and climate change.”

“The team of nearly 100 informal advisers, who have spent the past year compiling recommendations on everything from chemical safety and Everglades restoration to nuclear power and climate finance, includes holdovers from the Obama administration such as former White House advisers Carol Browner and Heather Zichal.

“Like Obama,” Politico reported, “Clinton is prepared to rely on her executive powers to make progress on that issue, rather than waiting on Congress to send her climate legislation.”

Liz Cheney has outlined her “Fighting for Wyoming Coal”, legislative priorities to protect Wyoming industry and workers. Liz’s list of policy actions include:

  • Rescinding the Clean Power Plan.
  • Repealing the Mercury and Air Toxic Standards.
  • Repealing the Regional Haze Rule.
  • Lifting the moratorium on coal leases on federal lands.
  • Enacting legislation that prohibits the regulation of CO2 as a pollutant.
  • Severely reducing the size, scope and authority of the EPA, with the ultimate goal of abolishing the agency.
  • Restoring effective congressional oversight, so agencies like the EPA and the BLM can no longer operate outside the law and in violation of the US Constitution.
  • Reforming our federal regulatory process so that private businesses, including those in our energy industry, are no longer strangled by out-of-control federal regulations. Congress must enact legislation to sunset existing regulations and ensure that new regulations are based strictly upon the statutory provisions they are intended to carry out. Congress should also require that new regulations impose the least possible economic and property rights impact.
  • Facilitating the export of Wyoming coal, including by reforming and streamlining the federal siting and permitting process for coal export terminals.
  • Ending federal government favoritism of renewable sources of energy. The Obama Administration has wasted tens of billions of taxpayer dollars in an unsuccessful effort to promote renewable sources of energy at the expense of fossil fuels. We should pursue an all-of-the above energy strategy on a level playing field. The US government should not be using taxpayer dollars to attempt to kill America’s fossil fuel industry.
  • Repealing renewable energy mandates, including those imposed on the Department of Defense. Our military should not be forced to divert funds away from military capability in order to fulfill the Democrats’ renewable energy fantasy.
  • Continuing to pursue advances in clean coal technology, like those underway at the University of Wyoming and Dry Fork Power Station and adopting policies and standards that incentivize investment in these types of technologies and plants.
  • Building a nationwide coalition to fight for our coal industry. This will include leading an effort to educate Americans about the importance of coal in the generation of electricity, about the tremendous strides in clean coal technology that have already been made, about the stewardship of the land by our coal companies through responsible reclamation efforts, and about the national security implications of continuing to pursue policies that threaten the reliability of our power grid, while they put thousands of our fellow citizens out of work and raise our utility prices.
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