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Cheney Campaign Releases New Ad: “Michelle”

Cheyenne, WY – As first reported by The Cody Enterprise this morning, the Cheney For Wyoming campaign is launching a new television ad that will begin airing today across the state. 

The ad features powerful comments from Cody resident Michelle Hart who lost her husband, Tim, last year. Tim was a wildland firefighter who passed away while battling the Eicks Fire in New Mexico. In the ad, Michelle explains how she met with Liz Cheney following Tim’s tragic death, and is working with her to protect wildland firefighters.

The ad can be seen here and a transcript is included below. In addition to her comments in the ad, Michelle Hart issued the following statement: 

“I’m honored to be supporting Liz and am grateful that we have been able to work together to support wildland firefighters. I’m proud to have her as my representative in Congress.” -Michelle Hart  

“Michelle” – TV (:60)

MICHELLE HART: “Last year, my husband Tim was on a wildland fire down in New Mexico, and he was injured parachuting into the fire. He unfortunately passed away nine days later.  

“I needed to fight for his brothers and sisters on his behalf after that happened.

“Shortly after he died, I actually went to DC and asked to meet with Liz. We had a very intense and emotional conversation about these issues. Liz was really surprised when I was telling her about the issues of homelessness, pay disparity. 

“She really wanted to do something about that. Those words were followed up with action.

“I’ve just really enjoyed getting to work with her and having her supporting Tim’s Act in the House and really pushing and putting pressure on legislators to be able to do something to fix these issues that are really critical to the public safety.

“She’s a true fighter on their behalf. I look forward to continuing to get to work with her until these issues are fully resolved, and I know I have her commitment in doing that.” 

DISCLAIMER: “I’m Liz Cheney and I approve this message.”

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