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21 Editorials, Op-Eds, and Cartoons From 2021


National Review: In Defense Of Liz Cheney
“Liz Cheney undertook a stunning act of political courage last week….Reasonable people can disagree on the advisability of impeachment, but there shouldn’t be disagreement that the Republican Party needs more officeholders like Liz Cheney who take their responsibilities seriously and are willing to go their own way when they believe it is right. Brava.”


The Wall Street Journal: Purging Liz Cheney
“Mr. Trump won’t ignore her. He issued four statements on Monday and three of the four were attacks on fellow Republicans, including one on Ms. Cheney. She may be ousted because she is daring to tell the truth to GOP voters—and at personal political risk….Republicans should find a way to speak this truth to voters in 2022—and quickly turn to running on an agenda for the future that will check Mr. Biden and his cradle-to-grave entitlement state. Purging Liz Cheney for honesty would diminish the party.


The Washington Post: Liz Cheney Told The Truth. Republicans Must Decide Whether They Value Trump Over It
“The underlying question is simple: Is the GOP a party in which embracing lies about the United States’ system of government is a prerequisite for leadership? A strong conservative on policy, Ms. Cheney faces punishment for refusing to embrace, or at least to accept with silence, the falsehood that the Democrats stole the 2020 presidential election….Ms. Cheney’s statement is not just based in fact, it is about the only decent response any self-respecting citizen can have to Mr. Trump’s campaign to discredit U.S. democracy.”


USA Today: Trump Republicans Have Had It With Liz Cheney And The Democracy She Chooses To Defend
“When Trump finally left office…GOP leaders faced a moral dilemma…Those leaders could: Engage in a cold political calculus of acquiescing to the Big Lie and gloss over his culpability in the Jan. 6 riot in order to pander to his supporters…or speak the truth. Liz Cheney, alone among House Republican Party leaders, chose the latter….Some day, Trump will fade as a political force within the GOP. The stain of banishing a leader of courage never goes away.


The Ripon Press: Republican Party Should Follow Rep. Liz Cheney’s Lead
“Someone needs to fight for the Republican Party. Who better than people who understand and embrace the noble effort that began 167 years ago in Ripon, the birthplace of the Republican Party? The now poisoned party, hijacked in 2016 by a narcissist disguised as a populist, needs to be championed again by GOP voices who hold high the party’s traditional tenets of free people and free markets….Now more than ever, the Republican Party needs to heed the call of Cheney and others who believe the country deserves more responsible statesmanship in substance and policy from a party that for the past five years has been held hostage by a cult of personality.”


Casper Star-Tribune: (30 Wyoming Lawyers & Judges) The Rule Of Law Matters
“We are proud of Rep. Cheney’s courage. In the face of calls to lawlessness from high places she adhered to her solemn oath to protect and defend the Constitution. Whatever political differences any may have with her, in connection with the election and the events of January 6th, all Wyomingites should applaud her understanding of her constitutional duties and her willingness to perform them, irrespective of the personal or political cost she might pay. Our country has many challenges to face in the days ahead. We call upon all of our elected leaders, at the state and federal levels, to follow the example of Rep. Cheney, and other responsible leaders from both parties, by recognizing the lawful results of the 2020 election. We ask that they recommit to the solemn oaths they swore to uphold and defend our Constitution. Living up to those oaths is the bedrock of the rule of law, the first principle of our democracy.”


The Daily Beast: (Matt Lewis) Liz Cheney Is Saving Pelosi, The GOP, And Maybe America From Themselves
Queen Liz Cheney continued to cement her image as the Iron Lady of the Republican Party this week, with a bold endorsement of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to veto two Trump allies—Reps. Jim Jordan and Jim Banks—from the Jan. 6 select committee….In so doing, Cheney preserved the seriousness and credibility of the committee….The truth is that Cheney is doing exactly what you would want a congressperson whose judgment is that the attack on Jan. 6 ‘was the worst attack on this Capitol since 1814’ and ‘an attack on our Constitution’ to do. She believes there ‘must be an investigation that is nonpartisan, that is sober, that is serious, that gets to the facts wherever they may lead.’ This strikes me as an entirely reasonable stand to take. And though today’s Republicans would deny it, future Republicans may reflect on this moment and find that there was at least one courageous member of their party worth (retroactively) celebrating.


TIME: (Cindy McCain) Liz Cheney
“Rare are politicians who don’t claim to put country before party. Rarer still are those who actually have. Representative Liz Cheney, a rock-ribbed Republican raised by unflinching conservatives, is the rarest species of politician yet, the ambitious officeholder who risks her office to speak the unwelcome truth to her own side….Representative Cheney knew, as John did, that parties don’t define a nation’s political character. We are all protected by the same Constitution, the same democratic values, and as she faithfully maintained, “We must be brave enough to defend [them].”


Los Angeles Times: (Jackie Calmes) Liz Cheney Is Putting America First
“Country over party. With unflinching firmness, Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming has chosen to take her stand for democracy and the Constitution over the cult of Donald Trump that is now the Republican Party. For that, Americans owe her big time….In all ways but her break with Trump, Cheney reflects the values of her conservative constituents. She’s no RINO, as Trump loves to brand those he considers ‘Republicans in name only.’….She vows she’ll continue to fight against the ‘unfit’ former president. That’s ‘the most important issue that we are facing right now as a country,’ she says. That’s truly putting America first.”


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: (Jamie Dupree) Liz Cheney – A Rare Congressional Profile In Courage
“Lawmakers in Congress talk a lot about bipartisanship, but few step forward to break with their party on difficult political matters. And rarely do they do it for an extended period of time. That’s why the Jan. 6 investigation in Congress is so unusual, as U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., and U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo. take on their own party over the Capitol Attack….Cheney hasn’t suddenly become a Democrat—she voted with Georgia Republicans against raising the nation’s debt limit, for example….Do not ignore what Liz Cheney will be doing in the months ahead in the Jan. 6 probe. This is not something you see every day in the U.S. Congress.”


The Financial Times: (Gov. Christine Todd Whitman) Liz Cheney
“Liz Cheney is unique in Washington today. She demonstrates what is traditionally called “leadership”, although it has been sadly lacking in recent years….While many men in the Republican party do a lot of talking about ‘strength’, Cheney is the one walking the walk. Beyond the labels of ‘Never Trump’ or ‘RINO’, she has carried the most important mantle: ‘Never Coup’. She has fought for what is right, at great personal cost — the truest definition of leadership there is.”


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: (Steve Chapman) Purge Of Liz Cheney Reflects Poorly On Her Party
“Saying she is not a Republican is like saying Kim is not a Kardashian….She lines up on the right on almost every significant issue of public policy — celebrating the Second Amendment, pushing for oil and gas production, opposing abortion rights and more. She voted 93% of the time with former President Donald Trump. Last year, she got a rating of 96% from the ultra-conservative group Heritage Action — and 2% from the tree-hugging League of Conservation Voters. But history and devotion to the cause don’t matter in today’s GOP. The only thing that matters is loyalty to Mr. Trump. Ms. Cheney took such offense at Mr. Trump’s role in the Capitol riot, which was aimed at overturning a democratic election — oh, and, by the way, put her life in jeopardy — that she voted to impeach him….So to be purged, as Ms. Cheney has been, is not a disgrace. It’s an honor.”


St. Louis Post-Dispatch: (Lynn Schmidt) Liz Cheney Stands Firmly In Defending Democracy
“The political exile I am referencing is none other than the sole U.S. representative from Wyoming, Rep. Liz Cheney. She is an example to me of everything that is right in government. When all that people can see in Washington is gloom, Cheney’s leadership is a lighthouse. Cheney is one of a handful of elected officials who has chosen her country — our country — over her party. She has been willing to risk her own life, the life of her family, and her political career to uphold the oath to the Constitution that she proudly affirms….Her words are a call to all Americans to do what we need to do to save our republic. Cheney is leading by example, not only with her words but also by her actions….One way to increase trust in government is to highlight those elected officials who work to earn that trust and reward them with our votes. That trust can be earned by telling Americans the truth and rejecting the lies. It is Cheney’s dedication to the rule of law and her oath to uphold the Constitution that propels her work on the Jan. 6 select committee. She has shown remarkable courage in standing up to her political party, whose members all but exiled her to a political island. Cheney is almost single-handedly attempting to save our democracy.”


Boston Herald: (Jeff Robbins) Liz Cheney, Profile In Courage, Stands Out Among GOP
Among the phonies, frauds and cowards who dominate the Republican Party, one Republican stood out for her courage. That was Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney, who minced few words about what was transpiring. ‘We Republicans need to stand up for genuinely conservative principles,’ she declared, ‘and steer away from the dangerous and anti-democratic Trump cult of personality. History is watching. Our children are watching.’ Guzzling Kool-Aid is a prerequisite for Republicans these days, and Cheney understood that by taking on the crazies who control her party she was assuring that she would be booted out of Republican leadership. ‘If you want leaders who will enable and spread (Trump’s) destructive lies, I’m not your person,’ she told the Republican caucus.


Montgomery Advertiser: (Col. Al Allenback) Liz Cheney’s Ordeal Offers A Modern Take On Political Courage
“His flip-flop put him at odds with Cheney, who saw Trump’s blatant and unprecedented attempt to hijack the Constitution and rule of law as serious, treasonous crimes. She has held her ground and upheld the truth, stating, ‘We can’t whitewash what happened on January 6 or perpetuate Trump’s ‘Big Lie’. It is a threat to democracy. What he did on January 6 is a line that cannot be crossed.’….Just a former President’s deluded ranting, unbelievably and with no credibility, supported by his cult-followers. And that is precisely what concerns Cheney. She believes that the cult-like adherence to Trump’s “Big Lie” has become a major distraction from the conservative agenda of the Republican Party….There are reasonable, intelligent Republicans out there who are quietly listening, watching, and waiting. As this drama plays out, Liz Cheney will be there to pick up the pieces and lead these folks back to embracing the conservative principles and eschewing Trump’s ‘Big Lie’.”



The Boston Globe: (Christopher Weyant) The Scarlet Letter

The Seattle Times​: (David Horsey) Political Excommunication

The Washington Post: (Michael de Adder) It’s My Party, And I’ll Cry If I Want To

The Buffalo News: (Adam Zyglis) Liz Cheney Ousted

Las Vegas Review-Journal: (Michael Ramirez) A Sinking Ship

Pensacola News Journal: (Andy Marlette) Liz Cheney And The GOP Big Tent

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