Fighting for Wyoming Energy

Wyoming’s fossil fuels are national treasures. Our economy was built on reliable, affordable energy. Generating real economic growth and bringing jobs back begins with relieving our energy industry of the job-crushing burden of unnecessary federal regulation. As Wyoming’s next representative, I will work to lead a national effort to roll back out of control federal regulation and ensure we encourage innovation and exploration that have been the hallmarks of America’s and Wyoming’s fossil fuel industry. With the federal government out of the way, Wyoming can secure American energy independence, launch an economic renaissance, and ensure our nation has access to reliable affordable safe energy for generations to come.

To unleash the power of Wyoming’s fossil fuels, we must:

  • Repeal the Clean Power Plan.
  • Pass Legislation that Prohibits the EPA From Regulating Carbon Dioxide as a Pollutant.
  • Severely Reduce the Size, Scope and Authority of Federal Agencies like the EPA and the BLM. When the EPA was established, we did not have state DEQs all across this country. Today, we do and they are responsible for 85% of the environmental regulation in our country. The harm being done by the EPA now far outweighs the benefits. Too often in the last eight years, the BLM has ignored its mandate to manage public lands for multiple use and is instead putting policies in place aimed at preventing all human use of our lands.
  • End Federal Government Favoritism of Renewable Sources of Energy. The Obama administration has wasted hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars in a misguided and unsuccessful attempt to promote renewable sources of energy at the expense of fossil fuels. We should pursue an all-of-the-above energy strategy on a level playing field. The U.S. government should not be using taxpayer dollars to attempt to kill America’s fossil fuel industry.
  • Repeal the Renewable Fuel Standard
  • Streamline the Permitting Process for Upgrading Existing and Constructing New Refineries.
  • Encourage Innovation and Support Horizontal Drilling and Hydraulic Fracking. America’s energy industry is the most innovative in the world. It is because of the technological revolution in areas like horizontal drilling and fracking that America now has access to over 40 billion barrels of oil and gas. Government policy should get out of the way so the private sector can continue to innovate.
  • Streamline Permitting for Fossil Fuel Development. The average permitting time now for oil and gas development in Wyoming can run as long as a decade. Congress should adopt new permitting rules that deem projects approved within a reasonable amount of time.
  • Repeal NEPA. NEPA is being abused by agencies across the federal government to delay projects that are crucial for our economy. Congress should repeal NEPA and replace it with a common sense, time limited process, mandating reviews be completed in less than three months, and limiting the law suits that can be brought as part of the process.
  • Rescind BLM Planning 2.0. This new proposed BLM rule will give entities, including potentially international environmental organizations, a seat at the table in land use planning in our state. The Rule must be rescinded and authority returned to our local governments.
  • Reform Endangered Species Act to restore state authority. The ESA is being exploited and abused by radical environmentalists to discourage all human use of our land, including private land. Authority for managing wolves, grizzlies, sage grouse and other species should rest with the state and local communities and the Endangered Species Act should be significantly reformed or repealed.
  • Reform Our Federal Regulatory Process so that private businesses, including those in our energy industry, are no longer strangled by out-of-control federal regulations. Congress must enact legislation to sunset existing regulations and ensure that new regulations are based strictly upon the statutory provisions they are intended to carry out. Congress should require that new regulations impose the least possible economic and property rights impact. Impose new rules that require action by federal regulators within a limited period of time. If they fail to act, projects are deemed approved.
  • Repeal Renewable Energy Mandates, Including Those Imposed on the Department of Defense. Our military should not be forced to divert funds away from their fundamental mission of defending the nation in order to fulfill the Democrats’ renewable energy fantasy.
  • Build a Nationwide Coalition to Fight for Fossil Fuels. The Obama Administration and their radical environmentalist allies have a well-organized and well-funded national effort working every day to push the fantasy that our nation can run on renewable energy. We must have a coalition that is equally well-organized on a national level dedicated to educating and advocating the American public about the indispensable nature of our fossil fuels. We have the facts on our side and with leadership and organization we can defeat the Democrats’ war on fossil fuels.
  • Provide States the Immediate Right to Regulate Oil, Gas, Coal and Other Resources that Exist Within Their State Boundaries
  • End Frivolous Environmental Lawsuits. The Equal Access to Just Act must be repealed. It has become a payday for environmental trial lawyers rather than a course of regress against the federal government. We must also end the practice of “sue and settle” because of bureaucratic delays or failures in the rulemaking process. Financial gain or dilatory actions should not be the driving factor of environmental litigation.